Chillicothe, IL Rock Island Depot Museum plus Iowa Interstate in Chillicothe and Bureau, IL 10/07/18

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by Published on July 26, 2019
After spending a good part of the day along the BNSF Chillicothe sub not far to the north I went to the Chillicothe Rock Island depot along the old Rock Island Peoria line (now Iowa Interstate Railroad) which is now preserved as a museum. Built in 1889 it was acquired by the Chillicothe Historical Society in 1982. It was the town's only museum until a house was acquired so the majority of the depot museum's artifacts are Railroad related. There is a Santa Fe caboose outside and a decent model layout depicting the area inside. Quite a nice place. I then saw a northbound on the Iowa Interstate Peoria branch which was a PESI led by 514 (ES44AC built 2014) and 700 (GP38-2 built 1972). I then ran into it again later in Bureau, IL where it had to wait for the CBBI. The CBBI was led by IAIS ES44ACs 511 and 509 (both built 7/2008) had mostly stacks and ethanol with a few hoppers.