by July 27, 2019
I went to Chillicothe on the BNSF Chillicothe sub and while the traffic was a bit slow mainly because of the recent flooding in Missouri, there was still quite a bit to see. Of note a massive westbound stack train with a 4X3X2 engine arrangement and the M-GALCHI local. Enjoy and don't forget to comment and subscribe!!! 0:00 A westbound BNSF vehicle train led by BNSF 3768 (ET44C4 built 2016) and NS 9716 (C44-9W built 12/2001), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 3:31 A westbound BNSF stack train led by BNSF 7229 (ES44DC built 2009), 5470 (C44-9W built 2000), 6767 (ES44C4 built 2011), and 3742 (ET44C4 built 2017), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 6:45 A eastbound BNSF z-train led by BNSF 7222 (ES44DC built 2009), 8264 (ES44C4 built 11/2014), and 7012 (ES44C4 built 2012), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 8:53 A very long westbound BNSF stack train led by BNSF 4896 (C44-9W built 1998), 4027 (C44-9W built 2003), 5395 (C44-9W built 2000), 4216 (ES44C4 built 2017), 5782 (ES44AC built 9/2005 mid DPU), 8006 (ES44C4 built 12/2013 mid DPU), 8224 (ES44C4 built 2014 mid DPU), 9308 (SD70ACe built 2/2009 rear DPU), and 7943 (ES44C4 built 12/2014 rear DPU), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 16:03 A eastbound BNSF z-train led by BNSF 5444 (C44-9W built 2000), 8538 (SD70ACe built 5/2014), 7124 (ES44C4 built 3/2013), and 9309 (SD70ACe built 2/2009), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 18:03 A westbound BNSF stack train led by BNSF 7293 (ES44DC built 2009), NS 8153 (ES44AC built 9/2013), and NS 3615 (ET44AC built 5/2016), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 21:07 A westbound BNSF vehicle train led by BNSF 6873 (ES44C4 built 12/2012) and 7976 (ES44C4 built 2015), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 25:37 A fast eastbound BNSF z-train led by BNSF 8277 (ES44C4 built 11/2014), 6686 (ES44C4 built 2011), 4011 (C44-9W built 9/2003), and 4250 (ES44C4 built 2016), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 27:04 A eastbound BNSF local (M-GALCHI) led by BNSF 2539 (ex-ATSF GP39-3 built 6/1970), HLCX 1072 (ex-NYC GP38-2 built 11/1965), and HLCX 3801 (ex-NDEM GP38-2 built 10/1975), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 28:48 A westbound BNSF stack train led by BNSF 6728 (ES44C4 built 2011), 7626 (ES44DC built 2008), 6786 (ES44C4 built 9/2011 DPU), and 8056 (ES44C4 built 2014 DPU), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 33:55 A eastbound BNSF stack train led by BNSF 7087 (ES44C4 built 7/2012) and 6229 (ES44AC built 4/2007), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 35:50 A westbound Union Pacific z-train led by UP 8118 (ES44AH built 3/2014), 5128 (SD70M built 9/2004) and 8655 (SD70ACe built 2008), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 39:10 A eastbound BNSF z-train led by BNSF 7932 (ES44C4 built 2015), 8435 (SD70ACe built 2014), 681 (ex-ATSF C44-9W built 8/1994), 4439 (C44-9W built 1999), and 6886 (ES44C4 built 12/2012), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 42:44 A fast westbound BNSF z-train led by BNSF 6970 (ES44C4 built 2012), 7699 (H2 ES44DC built 2005), and 1090 (H1 C44-9W built 1996), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 35:05 A westbound BNSF stack train led by BNSF 4056 (C44-9W built 2003) and 4756 (C44-9W built 1997), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 47:29 A westbound BNSF z-train led by BNSF 5350 (C44-9W built 2001), 6537 (ES44C4 built 11/2013), and 5270 (C44-9W built 8/2001), passes through Chillicothe, IL. 50:24 A eastbound BNSF z-train led by BNSF 6549 (ES44C4 built 11/2013) and 5185 (C44-9W built 11/2003), passes through Chillicothe, IL.
by July 27, 2019
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by July 27, 2019
Honorary Officer Dylan Barry has his Make-A-Wish come true with the Chillicothe Police Department (IL). Come check out his shift with the Chilli PD!
by July 26, 2019
After spending a good part of the day along the BNSF Chillicothe sub not far to the north I went to the Chillicothe Rock Island depot along the old Rock Island Peoria line (now Iowa Interstate Railroad) which is now preserved as a museum. Built in 1889 it was acquired by the Chillicothe Historical Society in 1982. It was the town's only museum until a house was acquired so the majority of the depot museum's artifacts are Railroad related. There is a Santa Fe caboose outside and a decent model layout depicting the area inside. Quite a nice place. I then saw a northbound on the Iowa Interstate Peoria branch which was a PESI led by 514 (ES44AC built 2014) and 700 (GP38-2 built 1972). I then ran into it again later in Bureau, IL where it had to wait for the CBBI. The CBBI was led by IAIS ES44ACs 511 and 509 (both built 7/2008) had mostly stacks and ethanol with a few hoppers.